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Windshield Repair

At Arcadia Auto Glass, we understand the importance of attacking windshield repair requirements soon after they occur vice waiting for the damage to grow into a more costly windshield replacement . Our highly trained and certified technicians are capable of not only stopping windshield damage from spreading without violating the factory seal around the glass, but will come to your vehicle’s location to do the work! Not only will you be saved having to do a full windshield replacement, but our service providers will guarantee that your automobile is left cleaner than when we showed up to service the glass! Most of our repair visits last less than 30 minutes and can be accomplished just about anywhere in the Arcadia, Monrovia and San Gabriel Valley areas.

During our company’s more than 20 years in business, we have found that a chipped windshield can fail at just about any time (and typically when you least expect it to do so)! As a result, our customer service representatives will recommend that potential clients vigorously pursue repairs as soon as possible to help restore the structural integrity of the car or truck’s windshield.

During the repair process, our technicians first check the windshield for its structural integrity. If the glass or structure is damaged beyond the point we recommend for a repair, we will provide you a quote for full auto glass replacement. Once the scope of the job is ascertained, or technicians will then add protective drapes to the automobile to prevent any damage happening during the repair process. Once the crack is filled in with resin, hardened, and excess removed, we also polish the glass in order to have it appear as new as possible. We also stand behind our work, and will provide you a 100% money-back guarantee on all windshield repairs!

Lifetime Warranty

Our windshield repair service in Arcadia comes with 100% free lifetime warranty. If you want the peace of mind that having your windshield repair secured for life, then you need to call us. Forget the 30 or 90 days warranty, get the full peace of mind with 100% lifetime warranty. Who else in the industry does that? Call us today!

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